Leak Sealant

Window Doctor can repair & seal those areas that surround windows, doors and sliding doors if they leak. South Florida living takes it’s toll on these vulnerable high-usage areas of your home. With our 100% track record, we can handle any job including jobs like; seeping window sills, leaking tracks under sliding doors, rain-soaked door perimeters, and more. Protect your investment, and relax, knowing your interior structure is totally dry. You’ll appreciate Window Doctor’s professional-grade surface sealant materials, which will ABSOLUTELY eliminate those persistant leaks(recall our 100% record!!). We have years of experience and the best track record around.

Complicated?? ..Not a problem!! Ask us about special deals on the resealing of your windows, doors and sliding glass doors.

Our Leak Sealant Technicians travel to your South Florida Home, Condo, Business, Real Estate or Property Management concern – or bring the damaged part to us.

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We would love to help. Call us at 561-842-3555.

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Commercial Leak Sealant

Commercial Glass customers choose Us!

We give immediate service to assist with all leaky windows, doors and wet vulnerable areas. We provide sealant solutions to your building or any leaking, moist surfaces.

Emergency service is available.