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Plaza Sliding Door Parts

Plaza Sliding Doors and components have been around since 1960. As a local, South Florida Dealer, Plaza Sliding Doors are designed for the harsh weather patterns that we South Floridians experience. Rest assured that your Plaza Doors will keep you and your family safe for years to come. This is why we always have a full stock of Plaza Sliding Doors and Parts the doors we trust!

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Lawson Window Parts

We love stocking Lawson Window Parts! With Lawson warehouses located in Boynton, Tampa & Miami we are re-stocked immmediately. Lawson products are major components in South Florida’s recent commercial & residential construction. This means that as your Lawson window & door hardware ages you’ll be looking for replacement parts. We have 100% inventory of Lawson parts & hardware for your convenience.

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Phantom Screen Parts

We have had great success as a Phantom Screen dealer. We carry single screen door units or double door units. We carry 4 grades of mesh depending upon your insect concerns and solar penetration level. We have several colors of screen to choose from, which means that your screen job will match the adjacent screens as closely as is possible. You’ll appreciate the fact that Phantom backs it’s products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Simply have questions about Phantom Screen Parts?

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PGT Window Parts

Everybody loves PGT Windows and Doors. The Window Doctor always stays well stocked with PGT Window and Door Parts. Founded in 1980, PGT has some of the most beautiful window and door parts around. Located in Venice, Florida and headquartered in North Carolina, their products are manufactured to uphold Florida’s Strict County Codes. Feel safe with your new PGT Window & Sliding Doors.

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Southeastern Sliding Door Parts

We have had great success with Southeastern Sliding Doors. Southeastern has successfully raised the bar on high impact glass doors over their 30 years in the business. Meeting and exceeding Florida’s Strict County Codes with their 1200 and 3000 Series for non-impact glass as well as their 5000 series for high impact glass, the competition is fighting to keep up with their design. For these reasons, we always have in stock your Southeastern Sliding Door Parts!

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NuAir Window Parts

NuAir Windows and Door components have been around since 1946 when they started with install and repair of jalousie windows. Since their jalousy window days NuAir has grown tremdously. As one of The Window Doctor’s, largest distributers, we have every Nu Air Part in-stock and a variety of designs to fit your lifestyle.

We have what you are looking for with NuAir Window and Door Parts.

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Our Brands

See the Window Doctor if you need a Dealer for:

  • PGT Window/Door
  • Lawson Window/Door
  • Southeastern Sliding Door
  • Plaza Sliding Door
  • NuAir Window/Door

See the Window Doctor for these Quality Brands:

  • Truth Window/Door
  • Air Control Window
  • Pan American Window
  • Security Window/Door
  • Lawson Window
  • Miami Window
  • Yale Window
  • Much more – we carry over 140 Brands

We also carry

  • Window Replacement Parts …even Obsolete Parts
  • Window Hardware
  • Sliding Door Replacement Parts
  • Sliding Glass Door Rollers, Tracks, Locks, Guides, etc
  • Storefront Door Replacement Parts & Hardware
  • Storefront Door Pivots, Hinges, Closures, etc
  • Window Balance, Operators, Handle, Shoes, Sash, etc
  • Window Latches, Locks, Keepers, Hinges, Springs, etc
  • Window Brackets, Thresholds, Corner Keys, Bearings, etc
  • Window Weatherstripping, Spline, Glazing material, etc
  • Much-much more …8,750 In-Stock + 44 Parts Catalogs